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New Season in the Name of Sustainability

The new season begins on Wednesday 20th March 2024. To be precise, the spring equinox falls on 20th March at 04:06 Italian time this year, not on 21st March as tradition would have it. Actually, climatically speaking, spring is early almost everywhere, with sunshine and mild temperatures for weeks.

That it is spring, we at TEC-SIM have been reminded for some time by our orchard, which is filled with flowering buds. Then Marco, who takes care of the fruit trees, reminded us. In the last days, he has pruned and fertilized the trees so that they are ready to face a new harvest season.

Our Orchard is a Symbol of Sustainability

Our large orchard is the link between the natural park where TEC-SIM is located and our production of stainless steel equipment. It symbolizes the synthesis of the company’s commitment to reducing its impact on the planet and promoting the social and economic well-being of the local community.

TEC-SIM is located in a heavenly place, within a bend of the Sile river, in the River Sile Regional Natural Park. Its privileged location requires even more attention to the company about our impact on the environment.

tec-sim at the sustainability week

What is Environmental Sustainability?

To make our planet more environmentally sustainable, a series of strategies must be put in place. For example, it is advisable to expand and multiply green areas, opt for industrial production with an increasingly smaller quantity of CO2 emissions, and use renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics. In addition to this, on an individual level we are called to adopt a lifestyle that favours the correct use of available resources, minimizes waste and provides for the correct disposal and recycling of consumed products.

Environmental Sustainability Projects in TEC-SIM

In a sustainable logic, TEC-SIM invests in the maintenance of its orchard and company greenery.

In addition to the current photovoltaic system which is on the roof of our offices, a project for the installation of another photovoltaic system on the roof of the production area is underway and it will cover approximately 75% of our energy needs.

Regarding waste collection, we started a waste reduction project in our offices and production plant in 2022. The project is producing a 45% reduction of the unrecyclable waste. To reduce the use of plastic bottles, a microfiltration system which delivers hot, cold and sparkling water has been installed.

tec-sim orchard