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Vision & Values

Excellence, Reliability and Flexibility
Experts with Passion


We aim to pursue excellence

in design and workmanship

to become a primary partner.

Beyond expectations


Excellence, reliability and flexibility are the three inspiring themes in TEC-SIM DNA.


Starting from raw materials carefully chosen and traced, to the finishing touches created with precision and dedication, we aim to offer excellence in design, workmanship and service to our prestigious customers, drawing inspiration from the principles of functionality, sustainability and beauty in design.


We seek the highest standards of fairness and punctuality with our employees, suppliers and customers.

Also through our PED, ASME and SELO certifications, we aim to guarantee the highest standards of quality and precision in workmanship, and the durability of our equipment over time.

We are also committed to ensuring an inclusive, educational and stimulating workplace which allows everyone to express their passion and talent, as well as creating value for our local community and reducing environmental impact.


We produce customized equipment.

As a small-medium family business, we can be extremely fast and flexible.

For us, flexibility means working in partnership with the client, designing together solutions that meet specific needs and then manufacturing tailor-made equipment.