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Freeze Drying Machine

tec-sim pressure chamber


TEC-SIM designs and manufactures custom-made sterilization and freeze-drying chambers mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the food and animal (animal care) industries.

As a response to our customers’ specific needs, we offer the possibility of creating freeze dryers or lyos with different process layouts:

  • COMPACT INTEGRATED UNITTypically for laboratory or small batch production, with a freeze-drying chamber and close-contact condenser, separated by a diaphragm and a valve;
  • TWO-STOREY UNITMade in two levels, with a chamber and a condenser clearly separated and communicating via a main connection and a valve.
tec-sim integrated freeze dryer
tec-sim chamber

In addition to this, we can make different designs depending on the required layout, i.e. with the chamber and condenser arranged vertically or horizontally.

Customized layout

Based on the chamber layout provided by the customer, we can manufacture freeze drying machines with two opposite doors, one for loading and one for unloading, or with a single door for both uses. Alternatively, we can build freeze drying chambers without doors with purely manual loading from the service door. Whether it is an automated or a manual loading system, we make different design options according to our customers’ specifications so that they have a freeze dryer  meeting their needs.

The cooling of the chamber can also be custom-made according to two different concepts: jacket-type, with the use of folded reinforcements having a double function of structural sealing and fluid passage, or silicone oil stainless steel shelves adherent and bolted to the chamber cloak.

Custom finishes

The customization of the freeze drying machine applies even more so to the finishing touches. Inside, our chambers can be satin finished (Ra=0.6μm) or mirror polished (Ra=0.1μm). Outside, the sandblasting treatment is usually carried out both for aesthetic reasons and to avoid the use of highly aggressive chemical products for humans and the environment in the subsequent washing and passivation phases.


TEC-SIM freeze drying chambers are produced in accordance with the construction regulations required by each Country of operation, such as PED for the European Union, ASME U-Stamp for the United States of America, Canada and 113 other States around the world, as well as SELO for the People’s Republic of China.