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Jacketed Vessel

tec-sim jacked vessel


Manufactured with a double shell structure, the jacketed tank is made up of an internal tank called shell, which contains the material to be preserved, and an external casing called jacket, which maintains the temperature constant.

Technical Specifications

TEC-SIM’s jacketed tanks are entirely made of stainless steel or other special stainless steel alloys.

The jacket is usually welded externally to the shell so that there is no direct contact between the material in the tank and the outside. On request, we can also create a coil inside the jacket, which directs the flow according to a specific path to improve the thermal efficiency of the jacket.

TEC-SIM can design and manufacture jackets of different shapes: simple jacket, half-pipe jacket and dimple jacket.


Jacketed tanks are commonly used in a wide range of industries, such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food and particularly wine companies, where special protection for stored materials or precise temperature control is required.

The use of a jacketed tank has the advantage of regulating the temperature of the material contained in the internal tank.


All pressure vessels designed and manufactured by TEC-SIM can be PED, ASME or SELO tested.