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Mixing Vessel

tec-sim mixing vessel blades


Widely used in a range of industries for production, treatment or processing, these tanks are designed to ensure effective mixing of contents.

TEC-SIM produces mixing tanks made of stainless steel or other special stainless steel alloys.

Customized Production

We can manufacture tanks of different shapes, such as cylindrical, rectangular and even with conical ends, according to the specific customer’s requests.

A variety of mixing devices can be mounted inside the tank to facilitate the homogenization of material, including mixing propellers or blades, deflectors or breakwaters.

tec-sim mixing vessel
tecsim mixing vessel

Design and Certification

TEC-SIM’s team of design engineers calculates the structural resistance of the mixing vessels according to the specifications provided by the customer, such as operating temperature and pressure. Furthermore, they design the tanks in accordance with the different international pressure vessel standards, such as ASME, PED and SELO.