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Certificate for Europe, US and China

TEC-SIM pressure vessels are designed according to customer specifications and certified in accordance with the main codes and standards in use internationally. Particularly:

  • PED certification (Pressure Equipment Directive) for use in Europe according to the EN-13445 and AD 2000 calculation standards. In case of explosive atmospheres, TEC-SIM can manufacture pressure tanks following the European ATEX Directive, which establishes the fundamental safety requirements.
  • ASME U-Stamp certification (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), the reference standard for marketing pressure equipment in the United States, Canada and other 113 countries around the world. Thanks to the ASME R-Stamp certification, TEC-SIM is authorized to modify and repair any ASME container in the US and other related countries.
  • SELO certification, construction level D1 + D2; this reference standard, also known as China Stamp or China Manufacture License (CML), is required to market pressure equipment in the People’s Republic of China.
PED certification


Pressure Equipment Directive Certification since 2000

ASME certification


U-STAMP and R-STAMP Certifications as a Pressure Vessel Manufacturer since 1995

SELO certification


Special Equipment People’s Republic of China Pressure Vessels Certification as a Manufacturer since 1998

Certification Bodies

To ensure maximum safety, TEC-SIM’s pressure equipment is tested and controlled by globally recognized certification bodies, such as Bureau Veritas.

Qualified and Certified Staff

High Standards of Safety

Alongside equipment certifications, TEC-SIM boasts:

  • highly qualified welders according to UNI EN ISO 9606-1:2017 and ASME IX standards;
  • qualified technicians for level II non-destructive testing (NDT/NDT), such as VT (Visual Test), PT (Penetrant Test) and RX (Radiographic Test) interpretation, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9712 and SNT-TC- 1A.