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Customer Care

taking care about customers is our warranty
The Relationship is Key for Us

Customer Care

For us at TEC-SIM, the relationship with customers is key for a successful and long-lasting working partnership.

As a result, we always pay maximum attention as we aim for the full satisfaction of our customers.

Customer Support

As far as our customer support, i.e. services related to technical support, we provide descriptive and photographic updates on our work progress on a weekly basis, typically on Fridays.

To allow us to easily manufacture pressure equipment again, we keep past executive projects in our archives for a long time.

When delivering, we use proper packaging, such as heat-shrinkable plastic or wooden crates for road freights, whereas we use heat-shrinkable plastic, barrier bags with salts and heat-treated wooden crates compliant with the customs regulations in the majority of countries including the United States, for sea freights.

In addition to this, we offer the possibility to choose the type of delivery, for example ‘Ex Works’ (EXW) or ‘Carriage And Insurance Paid To’ (CIP), based on the clients’ specific needs or preferences.

Customer Service

As far as customer service, i.e. support in the event of a specific problem, we try to be extremely flexible and make both design and production changes if possible.

Furthermore, we keep spare parts in our warehouse ready to be shipped with fast delivery.

TEC-SIM After-Sales Service

Multi-Year Warranty

Among TEC-SIM’s after-sales services, our flagship is the warranty on the equipment we produce.

To satisfy our prestigious customers by guaranteeing the highest level of quality and reliability, we offer a fifteen-year warranty on our welded shelves, while we give at least a two-year warranty on TEC-SIM pressure vessels.

So our after-sales support allows owners of a pressure tank or a shelf stack manufactured by TEC-SIM to enjoy maximum peace of mind for years.

In the event of unexpected problems, our specialized technicians and maintenance workers are always available to act immediately.