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Freeze Dryer Shelves

tec-sim freeze drying shelves

Shelf Stack

TEC-SIM can manufacture a complete shelf stack with:

  • shelves with a maximum size of 2000 x 2000mm
  • rectangular or cylindrical collectors
  • upper and/or lower push shelf
  • rods
  • stack guides
  • flexibles

Our shelf stacks are entirely in-house custom-made.

Welded Shelves

The shelves manufactured by TEC-SIM are welded. Our team of highly specialized welders is able to create welded shelves with thicknesses varying on average from 14mm up to 26mm, and a flatness of ±0.5mm/meter on the entire plate and ±0.2mm/meter on the loading/unloading sides.


The finishing level in TEC-SIM is so high that our shelves achieve a homogeneous roughness between 0.2<Ra <1.6µm according to customer specifications.


We give a 15-year warranty on TEC-SIM manufacturing welded shelves.