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Why choose us

Partner for Customized Design and Tailor-made Production
Bespoke Design and Custom Production

Partner of Excellence

TEC-SIM is the ideal partner for the personalized design and customized production of stainless steel pressure equipment because we offer expert technical support with appropriate instrumentation, as well as long-experienced and highly specialized manpower. Furthermore, TEC-SIM makes use of a consolidated network of local suppliers, who have distinguished themselves over time for their professional attitude and reliability.

So choosing TEC-SIM means relying on a partner for excellence.

Process and Production Flexibility

Personalized Support

Thanks to the medium-small size of the company and the ability to manage the entire process internally, TEC-SIM guarantees extreme flexibility, as well as a custom support where the attention to detail is maximum.

From precision in design to accuracy in shipping packaging, the attention to aesthetics is also one of our features because our products aim to excite with their executive beauty.

Customer Satisfaction is our Greatest Business Success

Reliable Pressure Vessels

In forty years of activity, our goal has remained unchanged: to manufacture highly reliable pressure vessels with the passion that distinguishes us. It is for this reason that we take care of every detail of our chambers and tanks, in search of the safest and most personalized solution.

These are the foundations for a long-lasting relationship with our customers, which develops from the first contact, during design up to after-sales assistance. Customer satisfaction is our greatest entrepreneurial success.