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Butterfly Valve – Mushroom Valve

tec-sim valve


At TEC-SIM, we manufacture both mushroom valves and butterfly valves to be used as a separation between condenser and chamber. Our valves are customised according to the project implemented together with the customer. Depending on the layout of the system, we can manufacture:

  • MUSHROOM VALVEThe mushroom valve is generally used on compact freeze dryers or on condensers with an integrated valve. Generally circular in shape, the mushroom valve has a pneumatic/oil piston with a passed through shaft external to the chamber or the condenser for the movement. In compact freeze dryer models, the valve can also be designed as a lower counterpressure plate.
  • BUTTERFLY VALVEOn the contrary, the butterfly valve is more complicated to manufacture and more expensive but easier to maintain thanks to its independent design. Furthermore, it does not require a piston connected to the condenser to work. So the layout of the condenser is not constrained.
tecsim mushroom valve
tec-sim butterfly valve