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Enhancing Talent and Passion
Get into the Heart of the Company

School-Work Experience

Giving young people the opportunity to experience the world of work, getting into daily life in the company between design and welding, is one of the targets of the TEC-SIM Academy.

The school-work experience project (PCTO in Italian) is designed for all students in the fourth year of the Italian High School who want to have a training experience in our company, to acquire practical skills and find their place at work.

The first edition of the Academy was organized together with the Giorgio Fermi Institute of Treviso.

Creating Well-Being

As a company, we have a social role: spreading the culture of work among young people, encouraging their active participation in the success of the company, enhancing their talents and passions are important actions to create well-being and prosperity for the whole community.

tec-sim gabriele da re
Gabriele Da Re

Registration open for those attending the fourth year of an Italian High School

Project with the Mechatronic Institute


Young people have also the opportunity to join TEC-SIM through an internship and particularly thanks to the training courses of the Higher Technological Institute. The internship is set up according to the German / Dutch dual-system model: three days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays) dedicated to theoretical and practical activities at school and the remaining 16 hours a week (Thursdays and Fridays), for a total of 800 hours, carrying out projects in a company.

Actively Learn about a Profession


internship at tec-sim

We also offer the possibility of spending a period of study, research or training at TEC-SIM to actively learn about, practice or deepen one of our skills and activities.

The internship period can have a variable duration, based on the path agreed upon together.

Improve Expertise and Productivity

Internal Training

The TEC-SIM Academy is also active on the internal training front. In fact, tailor-made on-site training and training programs are periodically organized to improve the expertise and productivity of our staff. Among our courses, there are both individual professionalizing paths to develop one’s personal skills, and collective paths to stimulate group skills.