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bespoke technical support

Production to Order

TEC-SIM produces custom-made stainless steel vacuum and pressure vessels, according to customer specifications.

We express our flexibility first of all in design. Thanks to the professional skills of our technicians and state-of-the-art design and development software, we offer personalized technical support to our customers.

Also our manufacturing process is focused on flexibility. We produce mainly freeze-drying, sterilization, drying and condensation equipment, according to the specific parameters requested by our clients, such as design, finishing touches and type of stainless steel used (from SS316 to Hastelloy®, Inconel® or Nitronic® 60).

In addition to this, we are extremely flexible in the post-warranty maintenance service of our machines, where we stand out for speed and reliability.

Personalized Technical Support

At TEC-SIM, we offer specialized and bespoke technical support to meet our customers’ specific requests. We work hand in hand with a customer to understand their specific needs and, based on these, we design tailor-made solutions and then proceed with production in close contact with the customer.

Once the implementation is complete, our technical support also provides targeted and dedicated assistance, which adapts to the client’s specific needs. Our service is particularly useful for companies that require complex or customized technical solutions in the field of stainless steel equipment.

tec-sim R&D

Our Research and Development laboratory is TEC-SIM’s soul. Together with our customers, we design solutions that are mainly applied in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic or biotechnological industries…

tec-sim design

At TEC-SIM, the design phase is based on our long experience as manufacturers and on our technical-engineering skills supported by the use of the most appropriate design and project development software…

tec-sim manufacture

Our 4,500 sqm of production area are TEC-SIM’s beating heart. It is here that our stainless steel masters show all their technical skills, which are the result of passion, experience and continuous training…

tec-sim quality control

The entire manufacturing process at TEC-SIM, from the selection of suppliers to the transformation of raw materials, is followed through a rigorous control plan that guarantees the excellence of the finished product…