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where welding is mastery
4,500 sqm of production area

TEC-SIM's Beating Heart

Our 4,500 sqm of production area are TEC-SIM’s beating heart. After careful control of the incoming materials, it is here that our stainless steel masters show all their technical skills, which are the result of passion, experience and continuous training.

Automatic and Manual Welding

Welding is Mastery with Us

At TEC-SIM, welding is mastery and we know how to do it with various automatic techniques, such as orbital welding, and manual ones like TIG welding, MIG/MAG welding and electrode welding.

Our master welders, who are qualified for a range of executions according to the international standards of manufacturing, are able to weld few millimetres as well as high thicknesses.

Custom Production

In TEC-SIM’s tailor-made production, the corporate value of flexibility finds its maximum expression as we can customize every structural detail of our pressure vessels with high precision and attention to detail according to customer specifications and in every production phase, within the limits of feasibility.

For functional but also aesthetic purposes, we are flexible in finishing touches: raw, sandblasted, grinded or polished. After that, we can carry out surface treatments to recreate the antioxidant patina of steel.

Only Premium Stainless Steel

In our production, we only use top quality stainless steel (1.4401-316, 1.4404-316L, 1.4435-316LM, 1.4571-316Ti, 1.4301-304, 1.4307-304L, 1.4541-321) and other special steel alloys (e.g. Duplex , Hastelloy®, Inconel®, Nitronic®60), mainly coming from the European Union, with a rigorous traceability system.

SS316 + SS30480%
Leghe speciali15%