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TEC-SIM celebrates forty years and the sales record

CEO Da Re: «Harmony and courage inspire TEC-SIM»

With an evening dedicated to their staff and suppliers, TEC-SIM celebrated forty years of activity. The event took place on Saturday 23th September at the company headquarters in Silea in the presence of the mayor Rossella Cendron.

TEC-SIM History

It was 19th September 1983 when Bruno Montagner, Graziano Florian and Emilio Viviani, with the managerial participation of Anna Montagner, founded TEC-SIM S.r.l. to produce stainless steel pressure vessels. Over the course of their forty years, TEC-SIM has achieved a leadership position in the global manufacturing of freeze-drying chambers for the pharmaceutical industry, becoming a primary supplier of the most important international groups such as the Italian IMA and the German Optima.

To ensure the generation transition, the majority share of the company, which has thirty employees and exports 95% of their production, was taken over by a consortium of entrepreneurs last year. In the year of their fortieth anniversary, TEC-SIM expects to reach their historic sales record, with a turnover growing by 40% and reaching ten million euros.

40th Anniversary Celebrations

To celebrate these two important goals, TEC-SIM arranged a night of tightrope walking, aerial dance and music performances inside the company production area, where the equipment used daily to work stainless steel has become an part of the show. Andrea Agostini, an internationally renowned tightrope walker at great heights, walked, did pirouettes and splits on a rope anchored to the ceiling of the warehouse at a 8-metre height. Pamela Mariotto danced in the air with a ribbon and a hoop anchored to an overhead crane. Finally, the girls band Pink Armada Pink Armada performed a rock repertoire on a stage created from a freeze-drying shelf simulator.

The consortium of entrepreneurs leading TEC-SIM celebrates the company goal

«The evening has been inspired by two themes: harmony and courage» highlighted the TEC-SIM CEO Gabriele Da Re in his opening speech. «Harmony is typical of music, but also of teamwork, of well-being in the company, of a stimulating and pleasant environment; while courage is the ability to challenge heights, boundaries and resistance, it is the desire to dare, improving and achieving increasingly challenging goals. These elements will also inspire TEC-SIM for the years to come» concluded Da Re in front of an audience of over one hundred people including employees, their families and long-term suppliers.

Giving a gift, the mayor Rossella Cendron expressed:

«Her esteem and gratitude for the entrepreneurial commitment, wishing a future full of challenges and successes».

il sindaco di silea dona una targa per i 40 anni di tec-sim
Il sindaco di Silea, Rossella Cendron, dona una targa in occasione dei 40 anni di TEC-SIM