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New Partnership for Continuous Improvement

Aiming to continuous improvement, TEC-SIM has partnered up with the Italian Institute for Welding to upgrade the production process, particularly welding, also through new technologies.

The Project with the Italian Institute of Welding

The project envisages a first stage of mapping all the production phases, starting from the design to the manufacture and ending with quality control and final testing. Based on a report, the production process will be refined through both multi-level training and investments in new technologies.

In this first mapping phase, we are taking into consideration the fleet of machines, the welding material warehouse, the welding gases employed, the welders and their personal qualifications as well as the welding methods currently used and those that could potentially be adopted in the future.

With respect to the production process, the focus has been on two departments in particular, i.e. the freeze dryer shelves manufacturing department and the metal carpentry department.

Lean Management & Kaizen

The concept of continuous improvement is a kind of endless striving for perfection in everything we do. To continuously improve a process, it is necessary to clearly visualise what needs to be improved. Therefore, continuous improvement seeks to optimise every process within the company, focusing on the activities that generate the most value for internal and external customers. The final aim is to increase competitiveness and remove as much waste as possible.

In Lean Management, continuous improvement is also known as Kaizen. Literally ‘improvement’, Kaizen originated in Japan shortly after the end of World War II. In industry, it gained wide popularity and became one of the cornerstones of Toyota‘s development from a small car company to the largest car manufacturer on the planet.

Continuous improvement is a team activity because people are the real driving force behind improvement. Therefore, the team needs to understand the common goal and why it is so important that everyone takes responsibility for their part in the process.