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Ein Tag der Teambildung in TEC-SIM

We Are All in The Same Boat

Pages and pages have been written about team building, and now we will add a new one. However, it is not just any generic and theoretical page, but the story of a personal and working life experience, the testimony of a working group that is on a path of growth together.

It is the story of Alessandra, Ben, Denis, Dima, Federica, Filippo, Francesco, Gabriele, Hamza, Lalbila, Marco, Matteo, Mery, Michele, Nicole, Piero, Riccardo, Silvan, Simone and Victor, who spent a day together on the River Sile. Astride thirteen double kayaks, twenty-six TEC-SIM staff members traveled ten kilometers on the river waters on a hot and sunny afternoon of May, changing pairs halfway through the journey.

tec-sim team building in kayak

While the kayak trip posed a series of challenges to each member of the group and aroused different reactions, the return by bike through the Regional Natural Park of the River Sile was instead a carefree and cool-down moment, which ended with a refreshing aperitif appreciated by everyone.

tec-sim team building

Team Building and Positive Dynamics

As a reaction to the proposal to take part to this group activity, different approaches emerged: some were immediately enthusiastic, some accepted with reservations, others foresaw problems and the rest slip away like a bear. However, the challenge brought out the courage to try, to get involved and to go beyond presumed limits in almost the whole TEC-SIM team.

So Marco, who thought: ‚If I really have to do it…‚ at the beginning, kept a smile on his face throughout the afternoon. Equally Francesco was enthusiastic even though tired despite his initial doubts. Some facilitators emerged, such as Michele and Riccardo, who helped convince the less inclined. ‚We are all a bit of artists in here‚ commented Riccardo, reflecting on the importance of being creative when difficulties or problems have to be sorted out.

While paddling, there were those like Marco and Filippo who gave themselves a rule and marked the time out loud. Those like Marco and Hamza struggled to find an agreement and communicate effectively so as not to hit the banks and take on water. There are those like Mery who noticed beautiful views from inside the river and reflected on the importance of looking at reality from a different point of view. Then there are those like Denis, Francesco and Marco who talked about adaptation, cooperation and commitment to achieve synchrony in paddling, which means harmony in working relationships. Finally, there are those like Piero who took care of his colleagues during the aperitif, making sure everyone had something to drink.

We are all in the same boat‚ concluded Gabriele. ‚If we row together in sync, with enthusiasm and passion, we will have the satisfaction of achieving many goals‚.

This team building activity in kayak is part of a wider spectrum of training experiences of the TEC-SIM Academy.