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Back to Italy, Gabriele Da Re is the new CEO of TEC-SIM

The majority share of TEC-SIM srl, a long-established company in the stainless steel processing industry, was acquired by a consortium of entrepreneurs led by two managers with an international profile. The transaction saw the appointment of Gabriele Da Re as new CEO and Gabriele Lavina as Operations Director of TEC-SIM.

The Company TEC-SIM

Founded in 1983 by Bruno Montagner, Emilio Viviani and Graziano Florian and with the managerial participation of Anna Montagner, TEC-SIM designs and manufactures customized pressure vessels for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, biotechnology and food industries. Thanks to the excellence of their equipment, the flexibility and reliability gained with the entrepreneurial guidance of the Montagner brothers and extremely qualified personnel, TEC-SIM has achieved a leadership position in the production of freeze-drying chambers for the pharmaceutical industry over the years, becoming the primary supplier of the most important international groups.

The New Management

The new TEC-SIM CEO Gabriele Da Re, who returned to Italy after a decade spent in the UK, comes from the world of finance and boasts extensive experience in numerous industries, both in Italy and abroad. He worked as a Managing Director in the United Kingdom at Hay Hampers Ltd and Reflexallen UK, and as a Group Financial Director for Reflexallen Spa and Regina Catene Calibrate Spa. In 2013 he was awarded „Best Financial Director“ of an international company with a turnover over £40 million.

With almost thirty years of work experience in an Italian multinational construction company specialized in architectural glass and steel cladding, where he held different top roles, TEC-SIM Operations Director Gabriele Lavina has significant managerial skills especially in the field of custom manufacturing and the development of customized products.

The Acquisition

«We were looking for a leading company in a niche market that had the potential for a further growth and we found it in TEC-SIM» explained Gabriele Da Re. «With 70% of shares, our target is to guarantee a generation transition with a growth to the company, also by expanding the range of products and markets».

Gabriele Da Re e Gabriele Lavina
Gabriele Da Re, TEC-SIM CEO, and Gabriele Lavina, TEC-SIM COO

Bruno Montagner and Emilio Viviani, who hold 30% of TEC-SIM together, declared: «In choosing a new shareholder who could help us ensure an effective generation transition, we identified in Gabriele Da Re and Gabriele Lavina managers with a strong approach, able to best fit into the company organization and seize future development opportunities».

The family business TEC-SIM faces the generation transition with new shareholders

«TEC-SIM is the typical successful Italian family company, a resilient company that has been able to increase sales even in recent years» commented Giampiero Luongo, Director of Corporate Finance Advisory of Credem Euromobiliare Private Banking and advisor to the sellers. «The founders had asked us to assist them in an extraordinary operation that would give continuity to the company success, going beyond their personal destinies: we wish all the TEC-SIM members the best of luck in starting a further development cycle».